Kreasi Indah Cemerlang is a world leading manufacturer with a fully vertically integrated range of Indonesia timber products. The company which is one of the best and modern factories in Indonesia and supported by more than 100 of full-time employees, which are fully skilled in its field, has given an industrial identity to wood in the industry since 1994. Specialize for Ebony,Indonesia Rosewood (Sonokeling),Teak, Merbau, Mahogany and our resources spread along the state.Our vertically integrated production includes the manufacture of sawn lumber, sliced veneers, veneer fancy plywood, furniture components, musical instruments component, unfinished flooring KD TNG 4S.

With our global network, we are able to supply international market as well as local market. As our motto is “Catching the future”, we have commitment to fulfil the customer’s need, offer our product in a way to meet the customer’s request like in certain size, composition of grading and some other specific need.

We would be pleased to welcome you at our facilities.

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