About Us

Kreasi Indah Cemerlang

Kreasi Indah Cemerlang is a world leading manufacturer with a fully vertically integrated range of Indonesia timber products. The company which is one of the best and modern factories in Indonesia and supported by more than 100 of full-time employees, which are fully skilled in its field, has given an industrial identity to the wood in the industry since 1994.

Our Product

Kreasi Indah Cemerlang (products veneer import) offers 100% Solid Wood Flooring in a natural fit un-finished system suitable for home installation. Our Solid flooring, processed and profiled will undoubtedly provide a full sense of pleasantness and cosiness to your home. All of our materials are carefully selected and professionally graded.


As an industry that has long vision to keep moving forward the timber industry in Indonesia and in the world and assume that the wood is precious raw material that we continue to equip ourselves with the existing certificate from a legitimate company to trade through a formal export license from the government We strongly support the protection and responsible management of the world's forest in any form whatsoever. This is a form of accountability of all individuals, both personally and professionally to keep it. We can not just stand and look at the planet's renewable natural resources are exploited in a number that is beyond reasonable limits that can haunt our future generations. We have professionally run sustainable management of forest resources to ensure the regeneration of valuable raw materials. Of the latest products veneer, we will always use a timber that is worthy to be cut and manufactured to the highest random order to produce very high-value products. We greatly appreciate the products that we produce.